20220101 Software Release (New Version Available)

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What's new in the 20220101 Software Release.

  • The new PilotAware software provides every PilotAware device with the functionality to become a data relay to enhance situational awareness. We call this PilotAware SkyGRID. Learn More >
  • Software enhancements to allow further integration with the ATOM GRID software-defined network. 
  • VS0 was introduced on the configuration page to stop PilotAware transmission when groundspeed is lower than VS0.
  • Internal architecture changes to facilitate future 2022 upgrades and data transmission.
  • Software changes to improve Mode-C detection and remove phantom aircraft.
  • Updated ICAO database for new aircraft identification. 
  • Upgrades to cater for third party software changes. 
  • Bug Fixes and software updates identified since the last release. 

This latest software is available free of charge to PilotAware users. Software versions later than 20190621 can be easily updated using the PilotAware Firmware Updater, which is available as an iOS or Android free of charge.  

If your PilotAware software is of an earlier version than 20190621 then a manual software update is required to install a new operating system.

For customers who need or prefer the software to be provided pre-loaded on a new disk, a Pre-Loaded SD Card is available to purchase. Please note this does not include a new license. To renew your license please go to License Renewal.



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