4. Registering Rosetta 📖

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Registering Rosetta can be done in 3 different methods.

Rosetta purchased from PilotAware LTD;

If Rosetta was purchased from PilotAware LTD, please follow these 3 steps.

Step 1;

Once your Rosetta unit has been dispatched, a confirmation email will be sent. This email includes a link which says 'By clicking here you accept the licence terms below and will be sent your key'. Click the link and the 16 digit license key will be emailed to the same email address.

Please check your spam folder.

Step 2;

The 16 digit license key will be automatically sent to the same email address. If you cannot see it in your inbox, make sure to check your 'spam' folder.

Step 3;

Save your 16 digit licence key as it's required to activate Rosetta.

Manual Rosetta Licence Activation;

If the new Rosetta was purchased offline or from a 3rd party company, please follow this guide.

Step 1;

Visit the PilotAware licencing site.

Step 2;

Check the box agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Step 3;

Fill out the text fields accordingly.

The MAC Address is printed on every new Rosetta unit. It can also be found underneath the barcode on the end of each Rosetta unit and on the mobile devices Wi-Fi page, once the PilotAware unit has started up.

An example of a PilotAware Mac Address is B827EB123ABC.

⚠️ If the MAC Address doesn't start B827EB, you have the incorrect address. ⚠️

Step 4;

Click 'Submit', and the licence key will be emailed to the email address provided that all the text fields where correct.

Keep your 16 digit licence key safe, as it's required to activate Rosetta.

Support Team Request;

If assistance is still required following the previous instructions. Please contact support for assistance.

Next Step; Activating Rosetta

Previous Step; First Power Up

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