Step 1;

Apply power to your PilotAware unit using the power cable provided and a recommended power supply. Rosetta will boot in approximately 20 seconds. A Wi-Fi hotspot (SSID) will be established and will be similar to PilotAware-B827EB123ABC.

Step 2;

Connect your mobile device to the Rosetta's Wi-Fi Hotspot, and ensure you have a check mark next to the Wi-Fi symbol on your device.

You may receive a 'No Internet Connection!' notice, but this is a normal feature of most devices to let you know that you are not connected to the internet. Ignore this as PilotAware doesn't require the internet to function.


Most mobile devices connect automatically to the strongest available Wi-Fi hotspot. When initially using PilotAware at home this may be your home WiFi but in the aircraft it will most probably be PilotAware. However, if you are having difficulty please ensure your tablet is connected to the PilotAWare device and not another local WiFi. 

⚠️ A connection to the PilotAware Wi-Fi is required for all PilotAware communications through mobile devices. ⚠️

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