3. First power up ⚡

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Step 1;

Apply power to your PilotAware unit using the power cable provided and a recommended power supply. Rosetta will boot in approximately 20 seconds. A Wi-Fi hotspot (SSID) will be established and will be similar to PilotAware-B827EB123ABC.

Step 2;

Connect your mobile device to the Rosetta's Wi-Fi Hotspot, and ensure you have a check mark next to the Wi-Fi symbol on your device.

You may receive a 'No Internet Connection!' notice, but this is normal. PilotAware doesn't require the internet to function.


Most mobile devices connect automatically to the strongest available Wi-Fi hotspot.

⚠️ A connection to the PilotAware Wi-Fi is required for all PilotAware communications through mobile devices. ⚠️

Next Step; Registering Rosetta

Previous Step; Assembling Roseta

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