Updating FX

Rosetta & Classic Instructions





Before starting the update process, please ensure the following:

  • Your PilotAware FX is licenced.
  • You have a stable power source to prevent interruptions during the update.
  • For the OTA (Over The Air) method, ensure your FX is connected to iGRID.

Over-The-Air Update Over iGRID

This method  is recommended for licenced FX devices that regularlly connect to iGRID.

Step 1: Connect to iGRID

Ensure your FX is connected to iGRID. Upon connection, the FX will automatically check for the latest firmware versions.

Step 2: Automatic Download

If new firmware version is available, the FX will download the update in the background. The status widget on the FX interface will indicate Update Available.

Step 3: Initiate Update

  • To install the update, click on the Update Available message, which will lead you to a status page asking to Reboot and Install the update.
  • Alternatively, simply turning the FX device off and then on again called a hard reboot, will trigger the installation of the downloaded firmware.
  • This feature is designed to ensure that firmware updates do not occur during flight. Thus maintaining best practice for in flight safety and operational continuity.

Manual Update via File Upload

For users who prefer, or need to manually update their FX, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Download the new software update Ffile

  • Visit the following location to download the latest filerosetta-fx.bin
  • Save this file to a device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, laptop) that can be connected to your FX via WiFi

Step 2: Access FX Settings

  • Connect your smart device to the FX using
  • Navigate to the Update Section on the FX settings page.

Step 3: Upload and Install

  • Select the downloaded .bin file from your file explorer.
  • Click Upload to start the update process. The FX will install the update and automatically reboot.

Step 4: Confirmation

  • After the reboot, check the FX Dashboard. It should display the new software version, confirming a successful update.

Post-Update Checklist

  • Verify Update: Ensure the device's software version reflects the new update.
  • Functionality Check: Test the device to confirm all features are operational post-update.
  • Review Release Notes: Familiarise yourself with any new features or changes included in the update. These will be documented in the accompanying ? notes.


If an update fails due to a transmission corruption the FX will automatically revert to the previous firmware version.

Please repeat the manual update process.

If, after an update, the FX does not resume normal operation, a power cycle of the device (hard reboot) is recommended to see if it restores functionality.

Should these steps not resolve the issue, please contact support for further assistance.


The success of the PilotAware infrastructure is due to its continuous innovation and ability to easily download software to provide updates and new electronic conspicuity and situational services to its supporters.

Regular firmware updates are crucial for the optimal performance of your PilotAware FX. Whether you choose the seamless OTA update over iGRID or the manual file upload method, following these instructions will ensure a smooth update process.



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