Connecting PilotAware to Aircrew;

Aircrew offers multiple methods of connection to PilotAware. See the full Aircrew manual here.

  • Connecting to PilotAware using Wi-Fi
  • Connecting to PilotAware using USB

Connecting PilotAware using Wi-Fi;

⚡Before following these instructions, please power up PilotAware using an independent 'known good power supply'.⚡

Step 1;

Enter the 'Config' menu on your Aircrew device.

Using the Rotary Encoder, move the Green Arrow to 'Connection Config' and push to select.

Step 2;

Ensure that 'PilotAware WiFi' is selected. If it isn't, rotate the encoder and push to select 'PilotAware WiFi'.

Step 4;

Scroll the 'Green Arrow' down to 'WiFi Scan' and push to select. Once selected, Aircrew will begin to scan for local WiFi hotspots.

Step 5;

Once the scan has completed, select the PilotAware hotspot using the rotary encoder.

Step 5;

Exit back to the Aircrew traffic display, whilst Aircrew establishes a Wi-Fi connection.

Once a connection has been established, the Wi-Fi symbol will turn green.

Once PilotAware has established a GPS location, the satellite symbol will turn green.