Connecting to PilotAware

Power on the PilotAware and navigate to the Wi-Fi page on a mobile device. 30 seconds after power is applied to PilotAware it will emit a WiFi signal. Using a mobile device, connect to PilotAware' WiFi.

SkyDemon's Navigation Options

For SkyDemon to display certain types of traffic, settings need to be altered in the SkyDemon 'Navigation Options'. This can be accessed from the SkyDemon settings cog ⚙️.

  • Enable 'Show Callsigns'. This setting processes registration and flight-ID data.
  • Set the 'Vertical Filter' to your preference. 40,000ft is recommended to start with so traffic icons become familiar.
  • Enable 'Show Bearingless Targets'. This displays Mode-C/S rings on the map.
  • The option to enable 'Verbal Traffic Information' works with PilotAware. However, it doesn't provide voice alerts for Bearingless Targets.

SkyDemon's 3rd Party Devices

PilotAware needs to be chosen as the 3rd Party device list. This list can be also be accessed from the SkyDemon settings cog ⚙️.

  • Enable 'PilotAware'

Go Flying with PilotAware

Once SkyDemon has been enabled on 3rd Party Devices the option to 'Use PilotAware', will appear.

  • Tap 'Go Flying'
  • Use 'PilotAware'

Flying with PilotAware

If all the settings are correct and PilotAware has established a GPS location, SkyDemon will start processing the GPS and traffic data. This will plot the PilotAware location and display local traffic over the SkyDemon map.

  • Enjoy Flying with PilotAware