The PilotAware ATOM Station.

Introducing PilotAware ATOM: your gateway to innovative aviation technology! Experience real-time traffic, weather, and services for aircraft through a seamless air-to-ground link. Designed specifically for pilots and airfields across the UK and Europe, ATOM offers an affordable solution without compromising on performance.

With our advanced situational awareness display, airfields can effortlessly track aircraft equipped with cooperative Electronic Conspicuity systems. Your ATOM system is always up to date and secure, thanks to our managed encrypted network.

Discover the PilotAware ATOM advantage and elevate your flying experience.
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Sensors for a Precise Air Traffic Network

  1. Ground-to-Air Data Link

    Real-time Traffic Rebroadcasting: ATOM can rebroadcast real-time traffic to airborne PilotAware systems, improving safety within the ATOM station coverage area.
  2. Accurate

    Data Collection and Integrity: ATOM stations play a crucial role in the collection, sanitization, and maintenance of aircraft traffic data integrity.
  3. Interoperable EC detector

    Interoperability: ATOM seamlessly detects a wide range of systems, including ADS-B, FLARM, PilotAware, FANET+, and MLAT Mode-S aircraft. Access this valuable data through an intuitive RADAR screen and GRID database.
  4. Connected

    Secure and Connected: ATOM's encrypted link to the GRID network enables over-the-air updates, station networking, and scheduling to enhance aircraft tracking in remote and mountainous areas.
  5. Situational Awareness System

    Flight Information Display Compatibility: ATOM station data can feed a Flight Information Display in compliance with the CAA supplement to CAP670 and use phraseology as described in the CAP419 supplement.
  6. Community

    ATOM's interconnected network enables seamless communication between multiple base stations, effectively overcoming obscuration caused by mountains, populated areas, or other obstacles. Additionally, if a station goes offline, nearby stations will compensate for the loss, ensuring redundancy and continuous coverage.

The All-Purpose Solution

Investing in the General Aviation Community.

Installing ATOM stations directly improves Electronic Conspicuity for pilots. Boost safety and cooperation within the General Aviation world.

Airfield Situation Awareness System

Gain access to the most interoperable situational awareness system for your airfield.

UAS Operational Zone Awareness

Enhance your UAS flying zone with real-time traffic detection and achieve ARC A-C security for conducting safe operations.

Build Your Own ATOM Station...

Building your own PilotAware ATOM station is an excellent project for aviators, enthusiasts and educators alike.

  1. ATOM stations can be built using commmercially off the shelf components, and can be sourced from most good electroincs stores.
  2. PilotAware can help offer support in the procurement of ATOM station equipment such as radios, antennas and SBC's.
  3. Full assembly instructions and Software  files can be accessed for this project.
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