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Since the development and expansion of the PilotAware ATOM GRID Network PilotAware is shifting up a gear in innovation and value for money. The recent introduction of in-flight METARS is only the start.  

The combination of the powerful in-flight single-board computer built into Rosetta units and the secure encrypted ground station network has broken the mould in the art of the possible for the integration and expansion of electronic conspicuity (EC). Here are just a couple of the next exciting steps in the PilotAware journey.

For developers wishing to join us on our journey, we have created a datasheet for Graffiti.


PilotAware Graffiti core technology is being used to connect to existing non-PilotAware EC systems to extend the types of traffic that they can see and be seen by. Thereby providing greater systems integration. The first of these products to become available in December 2020 will be Rosetta-FX.

Rosetta-FX (Flarm Extender) is a non-invasive extension to existing Flarm units for use in both Gliders and Light aircraft that are not currently PilotAware Rosetta equipped. Rosetta FX is simply connected in-line with an existing FLARM -> DISPLAY and also connected to other suitable open devices via Wi-Fi. Rosetta-FX is a whole new product and is not a replacement for PilotAware Rosetta which will remain our core product.

Existing FLARM Installation
Extended FLARM Installation
Simple Systems Integration
Rosetta-FX Connected to an existing Flarm provides the following

Electronic Conspicuity
Flarm-in and Flarm-out
PilotAware-in and PilotAware-out
Mode-S/3D-in(Mode-S aircraft with a bearing)* OGN/Tracker-in*
Flight Information Services
*uplinks from in-range ATOM/GRID Network groundstations.

More Flight Information Services to be introduced in 2021.
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