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PilotAware FX

Full Interoperability includes access to the complete PilotAware ecosystem allowing you to detect aircraft transmitting the other Electronic Conspicuity signals including Mode-S/3D, FLARM, ADS-B, CAP1391 and FANET

With the PilotAware ecosystem aircraft detection is  provided through  Direct Detection enhanced by  ATOM GRID ground station rebroadcast, SkyGRID relay and iGRID cellular connectivity to your Aircraft.

FX is a brand new product from PilotAware that can be directly interfaced  with your existing FLARM device to provide full 'See and be Seen' integration between FLARM and PilotAware.

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When connected to the PilotAware ecosystem PilotAware FX is much more than a simple point-to-point Electronic Conspicuity device. It's the combination of multiple technologies and years of innovation and experience that makes it stand out from the rest.

Here are some of the features that make it unique.

Point-to-Point Traffic Detection.

PilotAware FX emits an SDR860 signal that provides ‘See and be Seen’ functionality with neighbouring airborne PilotAware equipped aircraft and the PilotAware ATOM ground station network. The direct detection and transmission of aircraft ensures a low-latency, point-to-point link, providing EC visibility wherever you are. The integrated 1090MHz receiver detects ADS-B and CAP1391 devices. All this traffic data can be fowarded onto your electronic flight bag or navigation app.

A ground network built for Electronic Conspicuity.

To complement the direct point-to-point detection, we have the ATOM GRID ground station network, made up of an extensive array of antennas, throughout the UK and Europe designed to uplink data directly to the FX. This unique European network enhances aircraft detection by adding EC transmission from FLARM, FANET+, Mode-S (Multilateration), METARS and more. ATOM stations communicate with each other intelligently, to ensure the FX gets the latest, most accurate aircraft positions possible.

If you'd like to learn more about ATOM, or would like to host a site click the button below.

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A pocket-sized relay and rebroadcasting device.

SkyGRID® is PilotAware’s registered, innovative method of re-broadcasting traffic from an airborne platform. Imagine a paraglider transmitting PilotAware flying behind a mountain, or a jet training in a valley transmitting ADS-B; SkyGRID uses locally flying PilotAware equipped aircraft that can look down upon these aircraft, and rebroadcast their positions from a higher, and therefore better, vantage point without topographical obscuration. This rebroadcast method also helps reduce airframe obscuration, provides an additional data path redundancy and adds ground station functionality directly into the aircraft. FX is smaller, lighter and more compact than anything we've done before and uses 80% less power than previous devices, so is perfect for gliders and foot launched aircraft.

Cellular Data Complements FX.

FX is designed to link directly to the cellular network using the hotspot on your mobile phone. Using the same low-latency VPN technique as ATOM, FX can receive significant amounts of time-stamped traffic and weather data directly from our servers. iGRID also enables instant over-the-air software updates, flight information and provides additional data path redundancy so you remain conspicuous and aware.

An Intuitive New User Interface.

We've seized this chance to transform the FX user interface. It's now fresh, streamlined, and straightforward, ensuring that from the initial setup to regular use, the process is clear and without any unnecessary distractions.

The newly introduced RADAR display is a highlight, boasting an effortless gesture-controlled zoom and customisable settings to manage the amount of data you see.

Additionally, our re-designed settings page is equipped with user-friendly guides, making it easier than ever to harness the full features of FX.

Updating FX has been simplified too, offering a hassle-free choice between over-the-air updates via iGRID or a straightforward drag-and-drop updater.

FLARM is just a click away.

We've designed the FX (FLARM eXtender) to work smoothly with the FLARM devices and displays you already have. It’s very simple to set up. The FX comes with two FLARM Data ports. All you need to do is connect a regular RJ12/45 cable from the FX to your FLARM device or display, or into a splitter. It's that easy – no fuss, no hassle.

For full guidance and product information related to linking FX with FLARM.

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There's Weather on the Radar.

The new Weather overlay for RADAR brings real-time weather updates to FX through the advanced iGRID cellular network. Updated every 10 minutes, this feature provides precise precipitation information directly on the Radar page, ensuring you stay informed about weather conditions as they change. All powered by iGRID.

A Palm Sized Powerhouse

Radio Frequency and Protocol:
EASA SRD-860 frequency band transceiver
Operates at 869.525MHz
Radio Protocol: P3i (EASA SRD 860 ADS-L ready)
1090MHz ADSB-in Receiver
Power and Consumption:
Supply voltage:
5V - 30V DC
Typical consumption: 1.5W
Nominal Transmitter Power: +23dBm
Physical Attributes:
Weight: 135 grams (excluding cables and antennas)
Case Dimensions: 116 x 60 x 20 mm
WiFi 802.11g, dual-band support.
2 x RS232 Transceiver FLARM Port
Temperature and Environment:
Ambient Operating Temperature: -10ºC to +80ºC Non-Condensing

Mounting and Fixings:
Fixing Point: 1 x 1/4 inch camera mount
Additional fixings: 2 x M5 sockets

Looking for more details?

Have a read of our product annoncement for FX.

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See FX in Augmented Reality

Use Augmented Reality to see an FX device through your iPhone camera.

To help you place FX in the cockpit or just to have a look at our new device in AR, open this page using Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

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