Claim up to £250 in rebate from the CAA with the Electronic Conspicuity Grant.
Ending March 31st
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New PilotAware FX.

The new palm-sized FX device from PilotAware offers advanced 'See-and-be-seen' functionality, packed with years of innovation and access to our expansive and ever growing PilotAware network. FX is also compatible with FLARM hardware, so supercharge your FLARM display today.

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PilotAware Rosetta.

The PilotAware Rosetta is capable of detecting more aircraft than any other EC system available. It's been the backbone of PilotAware devopment, and since it's release back in 2018, Rosetta has been upgraded with features such as SkyGRID and iGRID due to it's ease of expandability.

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Discover the perfect complement to your PilotAware system with our select range of accessories. Each item is designed to enhance your device's functionality, ensuring a seamless and efficient flight operation. Our collection includes aviation grade antennas and reliable cables, all tailored to support your electronic conspicuity requirements. Elevate your aviation experience with our essential accessories.If installing EC requires a bit more

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