We are Electronic Conspicuity

PilotAware is a recognised leader in Electronic Conspicuity. We instantaneously integrate ADS-B, Mode-S, Mode-C, PilotAware, FLARM* and more with our own unique ATOM-GRID network.

CAA Electronic Conspicuity Grant

The CAA in co-operation with the Department for Transport has published its Electronic Conspicuity grant. For more information on how to claim this grant, click below.
CAA EC grant details.

The pilotAware VIsion

Since 2015, PilotAware has been continuously leading innovation in Electronic Conspicuity. We develop systems and software that integrate all forms of EC in aviation, at an affordable price.

Through the use of technological advancements and ground breaking software, PilotAware has become the most interoperable and technical Electronic Conspicuity device available.

In recent years, the PilotAware eco-system has continued to expand, with the creation of our Mode-S/3D, Flight Information Service METARs and large a range of navigation app and glass cockpit integrations.

PilotAware is and will continue to be the future proofed solution for Electronic Conspicuity in the UK and Europe.

FUture proofed Solutions


PilotAware Rosetta is the most cost effective electronic conspicuity device and service available today.
Rosetta has the ability to receive ADS-B, Mode-S, Mode-C and PilotAware transponders directly. Included in the PilotAware eco-system is the ATOM | GRID network, seamlessly providing both traffic and flight information directly to Airborne PilotAware devices.
Through these advancements PilotAware has become a recognised leader in EC.
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The ability to deliver valuable data to aircraft 1,000's of ft high over 100,000's of miles poses a unique set of challenges. We have developed ATOM | GRID to address these challenges. ATOM | GRID provides instantaneous traffic and flight information to both pilots and situational awareness for ground based interest.  This has been possible through the advancements in ground station technology, radio and internet communications, security and integrity to provide a bespoke service  for the PilotAware ecosystem.
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AIRGRID... Continuing the innovation of Electronic Conspicuity in a new and exciting way!

We can't wait to show it to you, in the meantime, you might just guess!