Pioneering Electronic Conspicuity for the Future.

Our skies are getting busier and more congested. Finding ways to mitigate mid-air collisions between aircraft requires more intelligent and innovative solutions. We're working towards a complete solution to this problem in the UK and Europe. Currently, we cover everything from Traffic Awareness systems for aircraft, situational awareness equipment for airfields, and real-time low latency data feeds for your commercial, search & rescue, academic, or drone projects.

EC Systems

Our innovative approach to Electronic Conspicuity has created the most capable Airborne Traffic Awareness System ever. Once you've experienced PilotAware in use, you won't look back.
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ATOM Station

The ATOM station array provides an advanced situational awareness picture to Airfields, Flying Schools and enthusiasts. ATOMs also contribute to airborne PilotAware systems to enhance the overall traffic picture.
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GRID Data Feed

With the airborne traffic picture changing day by day, access our dynamic data-driven traffic feed collected by PilotAware systems to ensure ultra-low latency and data quality.
European Data Services
UK Data Services

News & Updates

Introducing iGRID

Upgrade your PilotAware device with the newest software release of 2022 and experience the power of iGRID! With iGRID, you'll have an additional data link between your EC devices and the PilotAware servers using your existing mobile phone. This means that you'll have access to more traffic data and new flight information that you can use in the cockpit. The benefits of iGRID are immediate and undeniable - and it also serves as a platform for future innovations. Don't wait any longer to take advantage of the latest and greatest from PilotAware. Upgrade now and see the difference for yourself!

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New Feature

Weather Station Uplinks

We're excited to announce the release of our latest software update, which includes a new feature that enables airfield weather stations to be linked to ATOM stations, providing pilots with up-to-date weather information during their flights. This new capability is designed to help you plan and execute your flights more safely and efficiently. To take advantage of this new feature, we encourage all pilots using PilotAware to update their software as soon as possible. At PilotAware, we're committed to constantly expanding our capabilities and providing you with the latest technology to enhance your flying experience.

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2. For all licenced PilotAware systems, an additional Wi-Fi module is used to connect to hotspots.

Future Proofed Solutions


PilotAware Rosetta is the most cost-effective electronic conspicuity device and service available today.
Rosetta has the ability to receive ADS-B, Mode-S, Mode-C and PilotAware transponders directly. Included in the PilotAware eco-system is the ATOM | GRID network, seamlessly providing both traffic and flight information directly to Airborne PilotAware devices.
Through these advancements, PilotAware has become a recognised leader in EC.


The ability to deliver valuable data to aircraft 1,000's of ft high over 100,000's of miles poses a unique set of challenges. We have developed ATOM GRID to address these challenges. ATOM | GRID provides instantaneous traffic and flight information to both pilots and situational awareness for ground based interest.  This has been possible through the advancements in ground station technology, radio and internet communications, security and integrity to provide a bespoke service  for the PilotAware ecosystem.
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