The PilotAware Vision

Since 2015, PilotAware has been continuously leading innovation in Electronic Conspicuity (EC) at an affordable price.

Through technology advancements and ground breaking software, PilotAware has probably become the most interoperable EC system available today.

Following earlier innovations such as;
ATOM GRID Ground Network
Mode-S/3D (in flight multilateration)

we are now proud to announce the introduction of
SkyGRID which raises the bar for aircraft detection at low levels, whilst providing greater aircraft detection for ground based situational awareness.

Further innovations will be introduced in 2022.

Future Proofed Solutions


PilotAware Rosetta is the most cost effective electronic conspicuity device and service available today.
Rosetta has the ability to receive ADS-B, Mode-S, Mode-C and PilotAware transponders directly. Included in the PilotAware eco-system is the ATOM | GRID network, seamlessly providing both traffic and flight information directly to Airborne PilotAware devices.
Through these advancements PilotAware has become a recognised leader in EC.


The ability to deliver valuable data to aircraft 1,000's of ft high over 100,000's of miles poses a unique set of challenges. We have developed ATOM GRID to address these challenges. ATOM | GRID provides instantaneous traffic and flight information to both pilots and situational awareness for ground based interest.  This has been possible through the advancements in ground station technology, radio and internet communications, security and integrity to provide a bespoke service  for the PilotAware ecosystem.