1. Choosing Your Power Supply 🔋

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Choosing the right power supply is crucial.

Please follow these criteria when deciding which power supply to use with PilotAware Rosetta.

⚠️ The USB power supply must provide a noise-free 2.1A at 5.2V, otherwise PilotAware will not work correctly. ⚠️

Recommended power supplies are listed below;

Carry On;

If you choose to use PilotAware as carry-on equipment, we recommend Anker products. We've selected these products based on their reliability, quality and value for money.

Full Installation;

If PilotAware is installed into the Aircraft, we recommend these power supplies.

We strongly recommend using the power supplies listed above.

If there are any problems with your PilotAware Classic or Rosetta unit, first check that you are using a reliable power supply and the supplied 20AWG cable.

⚠️We can't stress this enough.⚠️

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