Manual Software Update

Rosetta & Classic Instructions




Manual updating is essential if your PilotAware software is outdated (earlier than June 2019). You may buy a preloaded SD card with the latest software here.


You can reformat your current PilotAware SD card if you're comfortable doing so. If not, buy a new MicroSD card and jump to Step 8. Remember, SD cards over 64GB aren't compatible with this process as they can't be formatted to FAT32.

Step 1:

Document your current PilotAware settings and profiles. The update will clear all SD card data.

Step 2:

Download and install the SD card formatting program here.

Step 3:

Follow the instructions to install the SD Formatter program.

Step 4:

Power off the PilotAware unit, and remove the MicroSD card from the end of the PilotAware.The Classic unit requires you to push gently on the SD card to unlock the mechanism. Rosetta users can gently pull on the SD card.

Step 5:

Use a MicroSD card adapter to insert the card into your computer.

Step 6:

Formatting the SD card.

In the SD Formatter tool, select the drive that represents the MicroSD card. This card is usually called 'Recovery'. However, this name can vary, so be careful which drive you choose.

Select the FORMAT TYPE dropdown and choose 'Full Overwrite.'

Double-check that the SD Formatter tool has chosen the correct drive and click 'Format'.

This formatting will take several minutes, depending on the size and speed of the SD card. You must not remove the SD card while the SD card is performing an overwrite format.

Once the format has finished, close the SD Card formatting tool. The SD card will be formatted with FAT32.

Step 7:

Download the most recent PilotAware software. Download the latest version of PilotAware.

⚠️ In some rare cases, Chrome blocks the download of files from links if you are having issues visit and download the latest software version. Thank you.

Step 8:

Unzip the file once the download is complete and click on the Root files. Copy all of the files and folders onto the SD card and wait for the computer to transfer the files across. This can take approximately 1-3 minutes, depending on the SD card class and the computer's speed.

Step 9:

Eject the MicroSD card safely from the computer once the file transfer is complete, and remove the MicroSD card from the MicroSD card adaptor.

Step 10:

Push the MicroSD card into PilotAware's MicroSD card slot.

Step 11:

Apply a suitable power supply to PilotAware and leave the PilotAware to unpack the new software. This takes approximately 8-20 minutes. ⚠️Do Not Power off PilotAware while the PilotAware unpacks the SD card, as this may corrupt the disk. ⚠️

Upon successful update, the PilotAware will transmit a Wifi signal and flash alternating red and green lights. 🔴🟢🔴🟢🔴🟢


If the PilotAware remains unresponsive after Step 11:

1. Check the MicroSD card for faults
2. Verify the SD card formatting
3. Ensure correct SD card ejection from the computer
4. Confirm sufficient power supply to PilotAware

If the PilotAware hasn't responded after at least 30 minutes, first try powering the PilotAware off and on again (With a recommended power supply). This rebooting process will restart Step 11. If, after another 30 minutes, PilotAware is still silent, then a corrupted, incorrectly formatted, or broken SD card is to blame.

Pre-flashed SD cards with the latest software can be purchased here.



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