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FX Radar Page: Your Primary Interface for Traffic Awareness

Introduction to the FX Radar Page:

  • The FX Radar Page is the most frequently used screen on your device, offering comprehensive traffic information within a 60 km radius. It integrates all data collected by Direct Detection from your FX device, aircraft locations rebroadcast from local ATOM stations, aircraft locations relayed by Sky Grid relays, and all aircraft detected within 60Km by data transmissions over iGRID from the PilotAware servers. The latest time-stamped data is always used for greater fidelity.

The All-New Radar Screen:

  • Configuration Tabs: These tabs, located on the right-hand side of the screen, can be opened at your command, allowing you to adjust the settings. They will automatically minimise to a 'Settings Tab' post-selection to declutter the screen. To alter the settings to meet your requirements, simply reopen the Settings Tab.
  • Screen Display: The radar screen is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. The display defaults to a track-up orientation when your aircraft is moving and switches to north-up when stationary for a period.

Interactive Features:

Zoom Functionality:

  • Zooming is controlled via finger swipes – swipe down to zoom in and up to zoom out. This allows the RADAR screen to be used for both tactical and strategic situational awareness seeing aircraft  close in and far away respectively using a single finger wipe.

Selectable Options:

Points of Interest (POI):

  • POI across Europe can be toggled on and off during flight as required. The density of POIs adjusts automatically with zoom levels.


  • Nationwide airfields can be toggled on and off during flight as required, with the density changing based on zoom level selected.
  • Airfields are selectable by ICAO code or full name as you wish.

Altitude Separation Limit:

  • Set the altitude range for visible aircraft from +/-500 ft to +/-40,000 ft.
  • The default is 500ft.

Font Size:

  • Adjust the font size from extra small to extra large as preferred.

Aircraft Icons and Orientation:

  • Your aircraft is centrally displayed, with the RADAR Screen orientation changing from North-up to Track-up based on movement of your aircraft.
  • Other aircraft are shown with their correct orientation and track once you’re moving, along with their altitude separation (e.g., +20 indicates 2,000 ft above).

Radar Screen Icons:

  • The central yellow host aircraft icon is shown with the status of the target aircraft shown with easy-to-understand symbols.

RADAR Screen target aircraft ICON status

Enhanced Tablet Functionality:

  • On Apple-supported iPads, the FX Radar Screen and EFB views can be displayed simultaneously using the Split Screen function. Each screen can be independently zoomed – Radar by finger swipe and EFB by a pinch or stretch motion. Supported Android tablets achieve a similar effect.
  • The figure below shows the RADAR screen giving a clear indication of traffic on the left and Sky Demon giving an equally clear indication of airspace augmented with the traffic on the right.
  • Integrated voice alerts of traffic and airspace will be available from Sky Demon. These voice alerts are best injected into your Noise cancelling headsets, intercom or 833MHz Radio aux port via a cable from your smart tablet. This will then dim the voice alerts when you are in contact with ATC.

Upcoming Weather Radar Feature:

  • The PilotAware Weather Radar software will be available via an Over The Air (OTA) update at the end of Q1 2024, further enhancing the capabilities of the FX Radar Page.

Next Steps

Connecting to the Status Page



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