2. Assembling Rosetta 🔧

Rosetta & Classic Instructions




Inside the Rosetta parcel you will find;

  • 1 x PilotAware Rosetta Unit
  • 1 x 869.5 Antenna (Large one)
  • 1 x 1090 Aerial (Small one)
  • 1 x 1 Metre Micro USB Power Cable
  • 6 x Suction Cups
  • 1 x MicroSD to SD card adapter
  • 1 x Quickstart guide

Step 1;

Screw the 869.5MHz antenna onto the SMA thread labelled 869.5MHz.

Step 2;

Screw the 1090MHz aerial onto the SMA thread labelled 1090MHz.

Step 3;

Open the bag containing the 1 Metre Power Lead, and undo the red tabs (keep these for later use). Plug the Micro USB end into the Micro USB socket on the left face of the Rosetta Unit.

Step 4;

Plug the USB end into a suitable power supply. For recommended supplies, visit the "Choosing your Power Supply" article.

Step 5; (Optional)

To install the six suction cups to Rosetta, press out the plastic tabs with a tool of your choice, and insert the suction cups into the now available gap.


The suction cups are provided so that he Rosetta can be fixed to the perspex windshield or side window. Please ensure that when fixed the Rosetta unit does not obscure your external scan. Much better to permanently install your PilotAware Rosetta unit out of the way behind the dashboard or under the seat. To do this you will need to ensure that the antennas and GPS have a good radio view of the sky. Internal or external installation kits are available from the PilotAware Store 

Next Step; First Power Up

Previous Step; Choosing your Power Supply



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