4. Powering Up

Rosetta & Classic Instructions




Powering Up the FX device

These instructions will assist you in the power-up process and help you understand the LED indicators on your device.

Step 1: Choosing Your Power Source

  • Select one method of powering up the device. Your options include USB-C, Molex-SL, or RJ12/RJ45 connections. Consult the section on power supply options.

Step 2: Connecting Antennas

  • Attach the antennas to the designated PilotAware and ADS-B inputs on the FX device. Consult the section on Installation.

Step 3: Applying Power

  • Once the antennas are connected, apply power to the device using your chosen method.

Step 4: Monitoring LED Indicators

  • On powering up, observe the four LED indicators on the front of the FX device. Initially, the three LEDs on the left will light up RED, and the right-hand LED will remain off.
  • These LEDs represent ADS-B in, PilotAware Transceiver, GPS, and iGRID functionality respectively.
  • 3 colours (plus off ie no LED) are used to indicate the current state.
  • RED:     Not functioning or acquiring a signal.
  • Blue:    Intermediate action or temporary loss of signal or function.
  • Green: Fully operational and functioning correctly.

Understanding the LED Indicators:

FX Front Panel

ADSB Indicator: (1st left-hand LED with ‘Jet ICON’)

  1. 🟢 Green: ADS-B signals are being correctly received.
  2. 🔵 Blue:    No ADS-B received for over 15 seconds. (this is a normal non-fault indicator) 
  3. 🔴 Red:     No ADS-B received for over a minute. This is only a fault if continuous. It can occur regularly at night, in remote areas, or when running on the ground.

PAW Indicator: (2nd LED with 'Transmitter ICON')

  1. 🟢 Green: The PilotAware transmitter and receiver are functioning properly.
  2. 🔴 Red:     Indicates a fault in the PilotAware transceiver if remains continuous in flight.

GPS Indicator: (3rd LED with ‘Satellite ICON’)

  1. 🟢 Green: The GPS has a lock and is functioning correctly.
  2. 🔴 Red:     The GPS is acquiring a lock. The initial lock may take longer as it collects local ephemeris and Almanac data. To expedite this, power up the device in a       location with a clear view of the sky. The initial lock may take several seconds, or several minutes depending on location and frequency of use.

iGRID Indicator:(4th right-hand LED with ‘Mobile ICON’)

  1. No LED: No Wi-Fi hotspot connection has not yet been established.
  2. 🔵 Blue:      WiFi connection to the hotspot established.
  3. 🟢 Green:   FX is connected to the PilotAware servers, enabling iGRID functionality. Consult the iGRID setting page on how to pair with your mobile hotspot.

Typical LED Start-Up Sequence

  • Here is a common sequence you might observe during start-up, though this can vary based on receiving the first direct ADS-B contacts and the GPS signal acquisition speed. iGRID will typically be the last to show status until a connection is made via your mobile hotspot.

Next Steps

Once you observe three green LEDs, you're ready for the Settings Page via the Dashboard Page



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