Connecting to the PilotAware

Power on the PilotAware and navigate to the Wi-Fi page on a mobile device. 30 seconds after power is applied to PilotAware it will emit a WiFi signal. Using a mobile device, connect to PilotAware's WiFi.

Connecting ForeFlight to PilotAware

The connection of to ForeFlight to PilotAware is automatic. If the previous step has been performed correctly, then locally received traffic should appear directly on the ForeFlight display. To ensure that the setup is correct, please see the following steps.

  • Tap on the ForeFlight Cog ⚙️ to open the settings list.
  • Scroll down the settings list to 'Devices' to check that ADS-B and FLARM is connected.
  • If a prompt appears for a 'FLARM Code' the number is 6000.