The Ethernet software update method had a large overhaul on software version 20190621. If you are currently running a PilotAware with a software version earlier than 20190621, then please follow the 'Manual Software Update' instructions or purchase a new pre-loaded SD card here.

Step 1;

Power up the PilotAware with a suitable 2.1A 5.2V power supply. Once the WiFi has started up, connect a mobile device or computer to the PilotAware WiFi, and navigate to a web browser. Access PilotAware's web interface by typing in or paw.local.

Step 2;

Once in PilotAware's web interface, click on the 'Update' tab. This will present the available update options.

Step 3;

Using a standard RJ45 ethernet cable, connect the PilotAware into a home router or switch to allow PilotAware to access the internet. On PilotAware Classic models, the RJ45 port is exposed. For Rosetta models, the access hatch has to be removed to access the RJ45 port.


If at this point, your tablet loses the ability to control the PilotAware, it's likely that there is a subnet clash. This can be resolved by trying another router with a different subnet, or by changing the current router's subnet, at your own risk!

Also, the following process requires the PilotAware to be powered on at all times. Any disruption to the power supply

Step 4;

Tap the reset' button 'Download & Install latest Full Release'. This process can take ~30 minutes depending on internet speed and SD card speed. During this time, the WiFi connection will drop, and access to the PilotAware will cease.
Once the update has completed, the WiFi connection will reappear, and the connection to the PilotAware will be possible.

Step 5;

Return to the PilotAware's web interface to ensure that the software has updated. All the original configuration settings should remain the same.

Step 6;

Finally, take the PilotAware outside and run the unit through a soak test to ensure that all elements are responding correctly.