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METARS that are uploaded to PilotAware users when in range of 1 or more of the 200+ ATOM GRID ground stations in Europe. This is a complimentary service from PilotAware.

METARS are broadcast from all the ATOM GRID ground stations. Current METAR's from each individual European METAR location are uplinked every 15 seconds. A full set of available METARS will be available after approximately 5 minutes of being in range of at least 1 ATOM Station.

METARS are provided from all METAR sites within 150kms of the ATOM grid station to which you are connected. These are tabulated in distance order with the status as shown in the table below. The ICAO codes are translated into easily understood locations.

The status of each METAR location is colour coded for easy analysis.

METAR colour legend;

VFR: Ceiling greater than 3000 feet and visibility greater than 5 miles (includes sky clear).  

VFR = >3000′ and >5 miles

MVFR :Ceilings 1,000 to 3,000 feet and/or visibility is 3-5 miles inclusive.

MVFR = 1000-3000′ and/or 3-5 miles

IFR: Ceilings 500 to less than 1,000 feet and/or visibility 1 to less than 3 miles.

IFR = 500-1000′ and/or 1-3 miles

LIFR: Ceilings are less than 500 feet above ground level and/or visibility is less than 1 mile.

LIFR = <500′ and/or <1 mile

METARs on the PilotAware Web Interface;

The status of each METAR location is colour coded for easy analysis.

VFR 27 Birmingham_Intl EGBB 311520Z VRB06KT 9999 SCT018 SCT031 14/11 Q1015
MVFR 46 Gloucestershire_Arpt EGBJ 311540Z 22010KT 9999 VCSH SCT012 BKN016 14/11 Q1016
VFR 52 Oxford_Arpt EGTK 311520Z 24011KT 9999 FEW010 SCT024 14/11 Q1016
VFR 53 Brize_Norton(RAF) EGVN 311540Z 24007KT 9999 FEW018 SCT026 14/11 Q1016 BECMG BKN022 RMK BLU BECMG WHT
MVFR 74 Nottingham/E_Midland EGNX 311520Z 22012KT 9999 BKN023 14/10 Q1014
VFR 80 Benson(RAF) EGUB 311450Z 22010KT 9999 // SCT023/// 14/11 Q1016
MVFR 89 Shawbury(RAF) EGOS 311450Z 22011KT 9999 OVC025/// 14/10 Q1014

METARs on the PilotAware RADAR Screen ; 

As well as appearing on the METAR Page, METAR's are also shown on the PilotAware RADAR Screen to help you understand if you are flying into Marginal VMC or worse, conditions and take appropriate action as you see fit.  

To see all METAR stations and wind feathers within 150Km, the PilotAware RADAR screen will have to be "zoomed out" horizontally. As PilotAware shows more traffic types than any other EC device, the traffic screen will be very busy if all traffic filters are set wide open. It is therefore recommended that the vertical scale is set to no more than 2000 ft to filter out the high-flying airliners being detected using ADSB and Mode-S/3D the locations of which are unnecessary.

For normal use, the PilotAware RADAR Screen should be set to a few KMs to act as an effective Situational Awareness Screen.

A PilotAware RADAR Screen zoomed out to 60Km radius, shows METARS and wind feathers like this. In this screenshot, the aircraft has been removed for clarity.

The yellow banner in the top right corner of the PilotAware RADAR Screen steps through the following information.

The number of ATOM stations currently being detected.

The Nearest Reporting METAR Station and its distance away.

The QNH at the most local METAR station.

Here you can see that the nearest METAR reporting station is Birmingham Airport, EGBB 27Kms away.  The METARS above clearly show that the conditions to the East and North East are Marginal VFR with an increasing wind speed.

METAR wind barb symbols;

The PilotAware ATOM GRID Network represents a significant step forward in the cooperation between ground-based and airborne PilotAware assets. As the first in a suite of ‘Flight Information Services’ every ATOM station in the UK and Europe is being continuously provided with weather data from contributing NOAA METAR stations. This is within 150km of each ATOM station location. 



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