Plug PilotAware into a power source and wait for the device to start up. After 90 seconds, PilotAware will emit a WiFi signal. Using your mobile device, connect to PilotAware through the WiFi page.


Step 2;

Launch Airmate, go to Settings;

  1. Select Advanced tab
  2. Ensure WiFi Network matches the PilotAware WiFi name.  (if not, go back to step 2 and switch to the PilotAware Wifi link)
  3. Enable Is an ADS-B Device.
  4. Ensure ADS-B Device matches the WiFi Network
  5. ADS-B Device Address
  6. ADS-B device port set to 2000
  7. Device PIN code set to 6000 or 1234
  8. Select the PilotAware device as a GPS Source.

Step 3;

You've now configured Airmate and PilotAware. Tap <My Flights and click Start flying now!