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The Track Page will look something like the following screenshot.


Every flight track can be replayed using a connected Flight Bag, similar to the operation of a video recorder.

Our PilotAware playback website can be used to replay your flight and display any aircraft that were in proximity during the recorded flight, an extremely beneficial feature for airprox investigations. This can be accessed from Simply upload your PilotAware track file and you're set. This service is excellent and free of charge. You can click here to view a demonstration flight with PilotAware Playback.

Uploading track files to PilotAware is straightforward. Connect a tablet, laptop, or computer to PilotAware via the PilotAware Wi-Fi link. Open the PilotAware web pages by typing into your URL browser. Proceed to the tracks page and select a flight from the list, which is organized in chronological order with the most recent at the top and the oldest at the bottom. Click 'Download' next to one of the track files and save the track file on your computer for later access.

Once you've done this, connect your device to the internet and visit Click 'Choose file', select whether you want the flight to be publicly viewable, and click 'Upload File'. Drag the cursor along the timeline at the bottom of the screen to replay your flight.

The Track Page provides a compilation of the data gathered from your recent flights. All flights are automatically saved and will display not only your flight path, but also all collected information regarding other types of traffic encountered. This data can be replayed on an EFB or downloaded for playback on the PilotAware app or another compatible app.



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