Quick Checks;

Currently, the licencing method used by PilotAware requires a unique 16 digit key to be entered into the PilotAware configuration page.

For the key to activate the PilotAware it must be;

  • An ongoing licence key: Once the licence key expires, it will not re-activate the PilotAware. Make sure that the key you are entering expires on a future date, not a past date.

Example: The software key for your unit with MAC address B827EB123456 is : 5D9F-C149-1566-EA50 This is valid until 11-Apr-2021.

This key expired in 2021 and is no longer functional for B827EB123456.

  • Entered correctly: In some cases, the PilotAware simply won't activate because the licence key has been entered incorrectly. Please double check that what's entered into the PilotAware matches the email containing the real key. Please also note that characters like 0 and 1 are not to be confused with 'i' and 'o'.

Example: The software key for your unit with MAC address B827EB123456 is : 5D9F-C149-1566-EA50 This is valid until 11-Dec-2027

- - - License-Key

This licence key won't work, did you spot the mistype? It's in block 2. C149 was entered in as C194. This error will cause the licence to fail. Simply re-type the block correctly and click save.

  • Linked to your PilotAware: The licence key required for activation is specifically linked to your PilotAware. Please make sure that the MAC Address in the licencing email contains the same MAC Address as your PilotAware.

Example: The MAC Address for B827EB123456 has generated this key;

- - - License-Key

If this key is entered into a PilotAware with the MAC Address B827EBABCDEF, then this key will not activate the device. Each licence key belongs to a specific PilotAware. You may come across this issue if you have more than 1 PilotAware system licenced.

  • Saved: Once the licence key has been entered into the PilotAware, you must click the save button at the bottom of the configuration page. Once clicked the PilotAware will process the licence key.

The expiry date didn't update;

If you successfully re-enter your PilotAware licence key but notice the expiry date hasn't changed, this isn't a problem. Simply turn the PilotAware off and on again. This will force the PilotAware to start up with the new valid licence key. Upon restart, the new expiry date should appear on the PilotAware home page.

Sorry that email and mac combination has not been recognised;

If you've seen this error on the pilotaware.lode.co.uk, it's because;

A. The MAC Address was entered incorrectly.

B. The Email Address entered was different to the email we have on record.

Please check any previous email records you may have with PilotAware and make sure you're using the same email address.

If you have purchased a PilotAware system from another member, please make sure you complete the 'Changing Owner' form as it will still be registered to the previous owner.


Hopefully, this article has helped solve your licencing issue. However, please email support@pilotaware.com if you require any additional assistance. We're more than happy to help if you've already tried the above.