Connecting to the PilotAware

Power on the PilotAware and navigate to the Wi-Fi page on a mobile device. 30 seconds after power is applied to PilotAware it will emit a WiFi signal. Using a mobile device, connect to PilotAware' WiFi.

RunwayHD's Settings

RunwayHD can set the traffic options up from one menu, this is the FLARM Settings menu.

  • Access to the menu can be made by clicking the options cog on the blue header ⚙️.
  • Scroll down the menu and tap on 'FLARM'.

FLARM  Settings

Contained within the 'FLARM Settings' are three menus; 'ADVISORY FEATURE, SELECT DEVICE and CONFIGURE DEVICE'.

  • Toggle 'Enable FLARM'
  • Select a vertical traffic display range for the 'Altitude Filter (+/-ft)' We recommend starting this off at a high altitude as this will increase the quantity of on-screen traffic allowing for familiarisation of the traffic augmentation.
  • Enable 'Use FLARM for GPS'
  • The Status indicator will alert you as to whether RunwayHD is 'Connected' or 'Disconnected'


  • Toggle 'PilotAware'


  • Set the 'IP Address' to ''
  • Ensure the 'Port' is set to '2000'
  • The 'Passcode' is '6000'