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PilotAware Network Settings

Wireless Server Settings


The default Wi-Fi SSID (The Wi-Fi ID broadcast by PilotAware) includes the MAC address. This is the serial number specific to your Rosetta. If you want to change this SSID (for example, use your registration GABCD), insert your new Wi-Fi name into the SSID field. 

The SSID should be between 8 and 24 ASCII characters. It will not save illegal non-ASCII characters. When you have done this, tap the 'Save' button.

Once the new SSID has been accepted, PilotAware will reboot, resulting in the temporary loss of access. After 30 seconds, PilotAware will broadcast the new Wi-Fi SSID for you to log on.

PilotAware Wi-Fi Hotspot Password Protection;

PilotAware can be password protected. If you leave the password box empty, there will be no requirement to provide a password to log on. Be aware that it is irrecoverable if you forget your password (other than by logging on via a wired interface for the experienced user), so a complete manual software update will be required. We at PilotAware do not know nor cannot recover your password remotely, so please be careful when using this feature.

WiFi Settings;

Do not change the Wi-Fi Mode or Channel unless you know why you would want to do this. The Wi-Fi power can be changed if necessary(Default 50mW). 

Increase this if you have problems logging on or your PilotAware unit is hidden behind the dashboard, which attenuates the Wi-Fi signal.

In some extreme cases, nearby Wi-Fi controlled security cameras can interfere with the default Wi-Fi channels. The Wi-Fi channel and mode can be changed to help with this problem.

Wired Settings;

The IP address of a wired connection (if used) can be set to either a dynamic or a static address. Setting this to static is an advanced feature and should not be used unless you are clear of the consequences. Please fix this to 'Dynamic' as the default; otherwise, software downloaded by the router may not work correctly.

NEW iGRID Settings;

These new settings will appear when an iGRID connection module is detected by PilotAware.

IP Address

Scanning Networks . done
Await Connection . done
Wireless Hotspot Client Settings (Connected to iPhone )
Hotspot SSID
Hotspot Password

Available Networks

Example WiFi
Airfield WiFi
Clubhouse WiFi

Hotspot ID;

The Hotspot ID dropdown will list all the SSIDs with which PilotAware can establish a connection. Select your personal hotspot from this dropdown list. If your cellular hotspot isn't listed, tap the 'Refresh' button above to initiate a new SSID scan. Furthermore, please ensure that the hotspot is active and transmitting.

Hotspot Password;

Most Wi-Fi links will require a password to access; it's likely that personal hotspots also need a password to join. Please consult your mobile device manufacturer for information on the cellular hotspot password.

Apple Personal Hotspot Infomation

Clear Cache;

In the event of a connection lockup or corruption, the clear cache button will delete all saved SSIDs and Passwords.