6. Settings Page

Rosetta & Classic Instructions




The FX Settings Page plays a similar but simplified role to the configuration page used on other PilotAware devices.

The Settings Page is split into two sections. Basic and Advanced, with the Basic Section inputs being a Mandatory Requirement.

Each section includes a '?' symbol which if activated toggles information that describes the relevant action to be undertaken.

New features will be updated automatically to the Settings Page, ready for you to accept when you are connected to iGRID. These will be complete with ‘?’ instructions.

When inputs and selections have been made then a banner will appear at the top of the page to let you know that your new configuration has been saved.

Basic Settings

Basic Settings are mandatory requirements that MUST be installed to allow the Rosetta FX to operate correctly.

Basic Mandatory Settings With Notes Opened

Mandatory HEX-ID Input

The HEX-ID is a unique 6 digit identifier that must be installed to ensure that your aircraft can be uniquely identified across Europe.

The unique HEX-ID can be derived from any one of three places. Highest Priority First.

  1. The Unique ICAO HEX code issued to your aircraft on construction. Most powered aircraft and modern gliders will have been issued with a Worldwide unique ICAO Code, referenced to the country of registration, on manufacture. For example aircraft first registered in the UK will begin with 4xxxxx with the last 5 digits being unique for the UK. In the UK to retrieve the ICAO code for your aircraft visit the CAA G-INFO Website.
  2. A Unique code based on an individual FLARM unit serial number. This 6 digit code usually begins with Dxxxxx.
  3. A Unique code based on the individual PilotAware FX unit serial number. This 6 digit code will begin with Fxxxxx

It is recommended that, if provided for your aircraft, you always use your unique ICAO HEX ID. This is particularly important when you have a Mode-S transponder or other EC devices installed installed. This will then ensure that you do not detect yourself as a ghost aircraft. It will also assist ATC when they are giving you a traffic service and using a Flight Information Display.

Aircraft Type

Selective dropdown box and insert your aircraft type.

Select your Aircraft Type so It can be used for Identification.

Selecting your aircraft type is important so that it can be correctly identified on in flight screens and Electronic Flight Bags such as Sky Demon.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings improve your FX experience by configuring services to meet your individual requirements. This includes such unique PilotAware features such as Mode-S/3D that provides Mode-S targets with their GPS coordinates using multilateration so they can be plotted on the PilotAware RADAR screen and EFB’s such as Sky Demon.

Changing the Baud Rate will set a single Baud Rate for both the FX Input and Output Ports. Only change this if you are sue of what you are doing. If not ask advice.

Horizontal and Vertical Filters apply only to the RS232 output port destined for Glass cockpits without the ability to filter aircraft heights. FX will do it for them based on your input.

Advanced Settings with the associated notes turned on.

Advanced Settings Update FX

FX software updates will be sent to you automatically. However of for any reason you want to update software from a file then you can so do with the following inbuilt routine. To do this, please ensure that you are an advanced user or you are undertaking this with help from PilotAware Support. Failure to upload this correctly may render FX inoperable and the unit will have to be turned to PilotAware for reset as this cannot be done remotely.

Advanced Settings Licensing

Use this section to check your current license staus or if you need to change the ownership of your FX. For instance if you have sold your aircraft with the FX and the new owner needs to be registered.

Advanced Settings WiFi


Next Step

Set up your iGRID connection via the iGRID page



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