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Rosetta & Classic Instructions




The latest PilotAware software release 20220101 incorporates the latest developments and innovations available from the PilotAware Software-Defined ATOM GRID network. The latest software integrates with the software upgraded 230+ ATOM ground stations installed in the UK, and the further 50+ installed in mainland Europe.

The combined power of the single-board computers used in all PilotAware in-flight devices and ATOM stations coupled with the very powerful Servers used by PilotAware and 360 RADAR has allowed new advanced functions to be introduced in this software release. This release includes PilotAware SkyGRID. In addition, the software prepares the way for additional functionality in 2022. These will be released at a pace only available to PilotAware users, but which also provide a safety benefit to others. SkyGRID will work with both Rosetta and Classic devices and needs no additional hardware changes or updates.

As with all EC devices, overall performance will be improved with the use of remote antennas positioned either internally or externally.

How to use this Document

All the information required to operate the PilotAware Rosetta or Classic unit is provided in these instructions which should be read to get the most out of its use. Click on the links below to access information on the use of the latest software.

1.     What’s in the latest software release?

2.     Conditions of use

3.     Getting started

4.     Home Page

5.     Configuration Page

6.     RADAR page

7.     Traffic page

8.     Traffic Types

9.     Voice Alerts

10.  METAR page

11.  Updates Page

12.  Network Page

13.  Track Page

14.  Troubleshooting

For easy use information is also provided in the Knowledge Base section of the PilotAware website



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