Temporarily Unavailable from the App Store. We'll update this page once it's live again.

iOS App Update

Download on the App Store

The iOS updater app is compatible with PilotAware devices running software newer than 20190621.

  1. Install the PilotAware Firmware Updater App from the iOS App Store.

    If you currently have the PilotAware App installed on your iOS device, please re-install the app from the App Store to download the latest version. A fix is being worked on.
  2. On an iPhone or iPad with Cellular data, connect the device directly to PilotAware.
    On a WiFi only iPad, connect the device to your internet router.
  3. Open the App, making sure to accept any Local Network Connection requests.
    Navigate to ‘Update', and tap Step 1 - Download Latest Firmware.
    A confirmation message will confirm a successful download.
  4. Ensure your iOS device is now connected to PilotAware WiFi. This will be confirmed by the Green Antenna logo within the App.  
    Tap Step 2 - Upload new software to PilotAware.
    A confirmation message will confirm a successful upload.
  5. Finally, Tap Step 3- Restart PilotAware.
    This will install the update and restart the PilotAware. This process usually takes 90 seconds.

Please note; After the PilotAware Reboots, your iOS WiFi may change. Please make sure it's re-connected to PilotAware WiFi to continue use.

⚠️ Troubleshooting ⚠️

A small number of iOS users may experience issues with the app's ability to connect with PilotAware, even though the iPad is connected. This is due to a privacy setting introduced in iOS 14/iPadOS 14, that restricted applications' use of local network devices...i.e. PilotAware.

To resolve this setting in iOS 15 please see the following instructions.

iOS Settings -> Privacy - >Local Networks -> Enable PAW Firmware Update.

Once enabled, ensure the iPad Wi-Fi is connected to PilotAware and return to the app.

The app should now see the connected PilotAware.

You can read more about this setting here.