October 28, 2020

10 reasons why PilotAware Rosetta complements ADS-B out

  1. PilotAware Rosetta is the perfect ADS-B in solution, and at the same time will see more types of Electronic Conspicuity transmissions than any other product at any price. (ADS-B, Mode-S, Mode-C , PilotAware, FLARM* and Fanet+*); * When in range of an ATOM GRID  ground station. Choose PilotAware to see ADS-B in and everything else.

  1. PilotAware Rosetta when combined with ADSB-out will provide you with. ADSB in and Out, PilotAware in and Out, Flarm - In*, Mode-S/3D in*,  Mode C/S as a bearingless target. This is possibly the most cost effective interoperable system available. * When in range of an ATOM GRID  ground station. PilotAware Rosetta and ADSB out provides you with the best of both worlds an EC device on the aviation frequency and an EC device on the ISM band that allows unbounded innovation.

For an independent view of PilotAware and ADS-B out please see Flyer Magazine December 2020 page 31.  

  1. PilotAware Rosetta meets all European regulations for transmission on the ISM band which allows PilotAware to innovate faster than if it were to transmit on the highly regulated 1090MHz aviation band.

  1. PilotAware Rosetta has unique access to the secure encrypted ATOM GRID ground network to deliver Flight Information Services such as METARs. With more services to come. Our YouTube videos demonstrate the current and future applications.

  1. PilotAware Rosetta provides regular feature updates via remote software updates that can be achieved though 4 separate methods. (iOS mobile app, via router, via memory stick or manual updates)
  2. PilotAware Rosetta records all flights for playback on your flight-bag or web app through track files, showing not only where you have been but all aircraft that came close. Whatever EC they were using*

  1. PilotAware Rosetta can provide a GPS source to provide your Trig, Funke, Dynon or other open Mode-S transponder with Extended Squitter into ADS-B out (SIL=0). A very inexpensive (for less than £35) way of getting ADS-B out as well as ADS-B in.  
  1. PilotAware Rosetta can also easily and inexpensively integrate with your existing Flarm equipment (for less than £35) to give an integrated PilotAware in and out and Flarm in and out system. As well as the rest of the PilotAware benefits.

  1. PilotAware Rosetta connects easily via WiFi to most Flight Bags and via cable or Wi-Fi to most glass cockpits or Aircrew devices. This is done so that you don’t have to buy expensive glass cockpits if you don’t want to, but also connect to them of you do. The best of both worlds.

  1. PilotAware listens to customer requirements for feature enhancement and provides excellent UK customer support and of course the innovation not available to other systems.