iGRID is currently free to use whilst the software is in its BETA development phase.

iGRID WiFi Connectivity Module

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Product Details

⚠️ Please install software version 20220621 or later on your PilotAware system. ⚠️

This small USB Wi-Fi module is used for PilotAware iGRID BETA. It creates a 2nd Wi-Fi link that can connect to any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal. This secondary Wi-Fi connection allows for increased levels of server-enhanced traffic, a pseudo weather map on the RADAR webpage, and the ability to rebroadcast real-time server-enhanced traffic through SkyGRID.

Please note this module cannot be used in a Classic unit if the spare USB slot has been used for any other function such as an RS232 lead for data output. The option is to trade in your 2016-2018 Classic for a Rosetta. This has a built in WiFi so releases a USB slot for the iGRID WiFi connectivity module.

The same goes for a Rosetta unit that has its two remaining slots used for RS232 outputs. The option here is to supply your Mode-S transponder with a separate GPS source and or use a GPS mouse which has a smaller USB insertion footprint

For more information, visit the iGRID operating instructions.

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