January 16, 2022

PilotAware Annual Subscription Increase

Unfortunately, after 6 years we have to increase the annual subscription for PilotAware.

Since 2015 PilotAware has continuously innovated to develop low cost electronic conspicuity that provides as much interoperability as possible. During this time PilotAware has continually raised the value of its products through the addition of exceptional features, well above the original specification.

These include;

·       Flight recording of all aircraft detected around you regardless of EC used.

         o    Useful for airprox assumptions and investigations.

·       Mode-C/S detection as a bearing less target.

         o   Providing vertical separation of Mode C/S aircraft and ICAO if transmitted.

·       Voice alerts.

         o    Allowing complimentary warnings whilst still maintain a horizontal scan.

·       PilotAware RADAR screen.

         o    Providing a clearer view of local aircraft.

·       PilotAware Rosetta.

         o     Product update.

·       Subsidised installation of PilotAware ATOM stations.

         o    Over 300 installed ATOM stations in UK - Europe

·       FLARM detection and rebroadcast.

         o    Adding over 3500 potential Flarm targets

·       Mode-S/3D.

         o    Adding over 10,000 potential Mode-S targets that can be plotted onto an in flight screen.

·       Development of the PilotAware software defined network (GRID).

         o    Integrating stations together to provide greater range and capacity.

·       METARS

         o    Complimentary In flight METARS from all stations within 150KMs.

·       Historic remote playback of all flights and aircraft detected.

         o   Data provided to Aircrew Visualisation Apps

·       Automatic software update.

        o    Memory stick

         o    Router

         o    Mobile Phone, iOS and Android.

·       PilotAware VECTOR EC fidelity checker

         o   Designed to help all GA pilots get the most out of any EC device.

·       PilotAware SkyGRID enhanced in flight relay network.

         o   Advanced airborne communications relay to enhance low level ATOM station coverage.

UK, or World first implementation of this technology or service.

The development of these increasingly complex innovations is funded by the yearly subscription which has remained static for the past 6 years. Unfortunately, the development of new and innovative features is increasingly costly and we now have to raise the subscription to cover the increased costs. We believe that the increased subscription still remains incredibly good value and will allow us continue to innovate at pace and provide you with even more incredible features and to make our skies even safer.

The price increase will take effect on March 1st 2022.