July 8, 2023

Flight and Traffic Information across Europe

Flight and Traffic Information Services now available across Europe

Flight and Traffic Information Services are available to all PilotAware users. Now!

The excellent video below, produced by David Horobin, shows him using his PilotAware to provide secondary situational awareness as he flies his Robin through France on his recent flight from Biggen Hill to Lyon. The whole of the video is worth watching to see the section of the flight from Deauville to Lyon.

In this video David sensibly uses the PilotAware Weather RADAR to avoid light rain squalls rather than navigate through them and risk becoming non VMC.

Click the picture below to see David describing how he received the weather display as he flew across France.

Watch David Horobin Fly across France with PilotAware

Traffic is also displayed as can be seen later in the video by clicking here.

Continuous Innovation from PilotAware.

PilotAware can continuously innovate and do these amazing things because it operates on the regulated ISM Band which is harmonised across the UK and all ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) affiliated countries.

EASA refer to this as the SDR 800 band.  

In addition, unlike other systems PilotAware is not limited to using one technology to detect and provide you with the best possible situational awareness information.

The diagram below shows how multiple data paths using multiple technologies provide the greatest integrity available today increasing the amount of aircraft that will be detected and displayed on your chosen in-flight screen

The above screen shows PilotAware;

1.     Detecting aircraft directly.

2.     Rebroadcasting the positions of aircraft that PilotAware doesn’t see directly.

3.     Providing the latitude and longitude of Mode-S aircraft so that they can be shown on an in-flight screen.

4.     Relaying information to aircraft that are not in range of a ground station.

5.     PilotAware aircraft acting as ground stations in the sky

6.     PilotAware linking aircraft to the mobile network to provide advanced services.

The result is that you see more aircraft than any other system available today and will benefit from the continuous innovation and greater integrity available from PilotAware.

Join the PilotAware Revolution.

Install a PilotAware Rosetta in your aircraft

PilotAware Rosetta is available now as a carry-on device or better still as a permanent installation in your aircraft. The PilotAware store is open now and the UK CAA rebate scheme still provides a 50% discount up to £250 on PilotAware Rosetta devices and installation bundles. Enter the PilotAware Store here.

Install an ATOM station at your site in UK or Europe.

300+ ATOM ground stations are now operating in the UK with over 70 sites in Europe. You too can install one at your location for greater situational awareness and improved aviation safety.

Email ATOM@pilotaware.com for more information to see how.

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