May 14, 2020

Congratulations OGN 🎊

Open Glider Network wins EASA 2019 safety award.

And The Winner Is ...

Congratulations to the Open Glider Network who have won the EASA 2019 SAFETY Award. The GA Safety Award recognises the most safety-beneficial smartphone/tablet application for use by GA pilots. It aims to promote the development of reliable tools to improve safety, encourage investment in this area, support and enhance the visibility of valuable products and further enhance the GA community’s engagement to safety.  

1st Prize - 8,000 € Awarded to Sebastian Chaumontet for the Open Glider Network (OGN). OGN provides a unified tracking platform for gliders, GA aircraft, paragliders, drones and other small airborne objects. The OGN platform helps to reduce mid-air collision risks by connecting information from a range of I conspicuity devices. It also enables the easier provision of weather information directly into the cockpit to help pilots to cope with changing conditions.

Well done to Sebastian, Angel and Pawel and of course well done to all the contributors across the UK and Europe who have helped to install the OGN and OGN-R network. Unfortunately, as the UK had left the European Union on the date of the adjudication PilotAware were not eligible to be considered for the award. However, this is a further significant demonstration and endorsement of EASA’s appetite for the use of ground stations to facilitate interoperability between safety systems which of course we endorse at PilotAware. We look forward to giving you even more exciting news soon.

Team PilotAware