External Antenna Installation kit

Permanently install Rosetta for optimum performance using external antennas.

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Product Details

External Antenna Kit and PilotAware Bundle

The External Antenna Kit and PilotAware Bundle are designed for use on all types of aircraft and provide optimal performance by minimizing obscuration of transmitted and received signals. The kit features monopole designs that require a ground plane for an optimum range. If the antennas are installed on a metal skinned airframe, the metal skin will serve as the ground plane. For fabric or composite skinned airframes, it is recommended to use a 200x200mm sheet of metal as the ground plane.

We made a short YouTube video explaing why.

The kit includes;

1 x 869.5MHz external antenna with BNC connector

1 x 1090MHz external antenna with BNC connector

2 x 2 Metre LMR240 low loss coaxial cable with SMA-BNC connectors

1 x Remote GPS Antenna

1 x Anker 12V Power Supply

1 x 12V Power Socket

Cable Ties

Downloadable Installation Instructions.

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