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External Antenna Installation kit

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External Antenna Kit and PilotAware Bundle

These are monopole designs which require a ground plane for an optimum range. If these antennas are installed on a metal skinned airframe, then the metal skin will become the perfect ground plane. If these antennas are going to be installed in a fabric or composite skinned airframe, then a ground plane will be required. It's recommended that a sheet of metal 200x200mm is used. External Antennas will give the best perfomance on all types of aircraft as this provides minimum obscuration of transmitted and received signals.

We made a short YouTube video explaing why.

The kit includes;

1 x 869.5MHz external antenna with BNC connector

1 x 1090MHz external antenna with BNC connector

2 x 2 Metre LMR240 low loss coaxial cable with SMA-BNC connectors

1 x Remote GPS Antenna

1 x Anker 12V Power Supply

1 x 12V Power Socket

Cable Ties

Downloadable Installation Instructions.