Radar Screen

Less is more describes the latest feature of PilotAware. We call it the Radar Screen. This is a brand new feature that is complementary to all PilotAware users, to improve your safety while flying your aircraft.

Multi Screen Setup

Connecting multiple devices to PilotAware.

PilotAware allows you to connect up to four devices to your unit. This allows you to operate a navigation package on a tablet and the radar screen on another device like an iPhone or iPod. Any device can be used as long as it has a current up to date browser such as Google or Safari. You do not need to purchase a mobile device with GPS.


View PilotAware radar in two ways.

PilotAware Radar can be viewed in two different ways, this way you can customise your setup to suit you. The first style uses aircraft shaped icons to show you the direction of the aircraft. The second uses the conventional  TCAS display, this includes diamonds which show the direction, height, speed and distance of the aircraft.

Colours say a lot.

PilotAware uses colours to identify danger.

Using colours, PilotAwares radar screen can identify whether an aircraft could pose a potential danger to you. The colours range from blue to red signifying the possible danger the aircraft poses. The colours are a representation of height separation, not of distance from the aircraft.

Aircraft is greater than +/- 2000ft.

Aircraft is < +/- 2000ft.

Aircraft is < +/- 1000ft.

Aircraft is < +/- 500ft.

Mode C/S Representation.

Local Mode C/S target banner.

Local C/S targets appear in the PilotAware Radar Screen, through a notification banner in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Mode C targets will be annotated as Mode C with a given separation and a red, amber or green background depending on the proximity of the aircraft to you and the range chosen. Mode S targets will be annotated with the aircraft registration number, separation and a red, amber or green background depending on the range chosen.