What's new in the Latest Software Release?

The update debuts our new fantastic iGRID platform; which brings cellular internet connectivity from your mobile phone to all PilotAware units. Initial iGRID features include;

  • Real-time, server enhanced traffic for your chosen EFB. Shows more traffic than ever.
  • Server enhanced SkyGRID for the real-time aerial re-broadcast of aircraft detected by the PilotAware software defined GRID network. Ground Detection of more traffic than ever.
  • The provision of Precipitation Weather data on the PilotAware RADAR Screen. In flight weather information just as you requested.
  • A downlink for all traffic data received by airborne PilotAware units to the PilotAware GRID network to enhance situational awareness in remote locations and at low levels.  More traffic available for ground based situational awareness screens.

    iGRID is currently free to use whilst in the BETA development phase. An inexpensive, hardware dongle is required to connect to cellular phone hotspots to enable iGRID. 
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The updated PilotAware RADAR screen now includes.

  • TFC : Enhanced aircraft ICONs to determine aircraft types when the information is available. The operator can tap the icons to provide full aircraft details to aid situational awareness.
  • MET : METAR's from all stations within 150Kms. Tapping the METAR barbs will provide the complete METAR information for that airport.
  • RAIN : Local Precipitation weather data is available on the RADAR screen under an iGRID connection.
  • POI : Local points of interest enhance the RADAR screen location data without introducing too much clutter.
  • Airfields : The location of airfields and farm strips are now available on the RADAR screen.

The PilotAware Network page will display new options to enable iGRID. These options require an iGRID Connection Module (USB Wi-Fi module) to be installed.

  • Hotspot SSID :                Lists the local Wi-Fi SSIDs to make it easier to connect to a cellular phone's hotspot.
  • Hotspot Password :       Enter the password of your cellular phone's hotspot to initiate a Wi-Fi link.
  • Refresh :                          The Wi-Fi module will scan for available Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Clear Cache :                  Removes all saved hotspot SSIDs and Passwords.
  • Matrix of SSIDs :            SSIDs detected are displayed in the matrix. SSIDs being used by iGRID are highlighted in green.

We've updated the ICAO database to include new aircraft identification. 

Software issues have been resolved.

Updating your PilotAware to the latest software:

This latest software is available free of charge to PilotAware users. PilotAware Classic and Rosetta systems can be easily updated using the PilotAware Firmware Updater. The app is available on iOS and Android and is free to download. 

If you are recommissioning an old PilotAware system, please note that the PilotAware Firmware Updater app is incompatible with software versions earlier than 20190621. In this case, PilotAware will require the software to be updated manually. Instructions on updating PilotAware are available here

A Pre-Loaded SD Card is available to purchase for customers who need or prefer the software to be provided pre-loaded on a new disk. Please note this does not include a new license. To renew your license, please go to License Renewal.