Voice Alerts

Hear, See, Act.

Imagine, you are out on a walk. You hear a sound, you turn and look towards the source and see an aircraft. Now think, would I have seen the aircraft if I hadn’t heard it first?

This is the philosophy behind PilotAware Voice Alerts. Hear, See, Act.

How does it work?

Simple Answer: GPS
More complex answer: PilotAware has two main antenna, one receives P3i the other receives ADS-B. Both P3i and ADS-B have something in common, they both transmit GPS co’ordinates. Using those positions, PilotAware can determine the other aircraft locationĀ and height relative to you.

Great, but now what?

PilotAware creates three rings around your aircraft, the size of the rings are pre-set and can’t be changed. When another aircraft transmitting GPS coordinates enters a ring, an alert will sound. i.e. “Traffic, 11 O’clock, 800 feet, 10 kilometres.” This means a plane is 30 degrees to your left and will be level with your eyesight.

What about Mode S/C?

Unlike P3i or ADS-B, Mode S/C transmissions do not transmit GPS coordinates. However, they do transmit altitude and we can determine the received signal strength. From this information, PilotAware can give you an indication of where the transmitting aircraft is relative to user predefined spheres of influence around your aircraft.

Listen To PilotAware

To learn more about PilotAware voice alerts please click the link below.