Connecting to your favourite navigation package

There are several compatible navigation packages that can display traffic from your PilotAware unit. Each software package needs to be configured individually, the setup for each system is shown below.


Airmate is a free flight planning application for pilots. Airmate provides pilots all needed features to help them plan their flights: airport information including free plates in UK and more than 100 countries, worldwide moving aviation map, weather, NOTAMs, flight recording and tracking and even flight plan filing (filing is chargeable).

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By connecting PilotAware to SkyDemon, you will be able to utilise such features like GPS location, Mode C/S notices and shows you the location and height of aircraft transmitting P3I or ADS-B.

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Connect PilotAware to EasyVFR and claim access to features including GPS location and location of aircraft transmitting P3I or ADS-B.

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By linking PilotAware to the application RunwayHD you will be able to access key features like, GPS location and location of other aircraft transmitting either P3i or ADS-B.

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Make Air Navigation Pro work with PilotAware to increase the features, of your application. This connection will give you GPS location, location of traffic transmitting mode C/S and height of those aircraft.

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